Boy with miniature horse, ScribblesHeavenSent Half-Pints Inc was founded by Lynann Centers out of her lifelong desire to helping abused and neglected children. As the Change Manager with the Kentucky Department of Education, she wrote to Terry Holliday, the Commissioner of the Department of Education, about the negative affect of child abuse and neglect on school performance and literacy. In 2011, Lynann combined her love of horses with her concern about children at risk to create HeavenSent Half-Pints.

Mission Statement

HeavenSent Half-Pints is a 501 C 3 non-profit organization committed to improving the literacy proficiency of children in public schools and libraries through the excitement and acceptance of miniature horses as literacy mentors.

HeavenSent Half-Pints is also committed to comforting abused children through the unconditional love of our little half-pints. The interaction between the tiny therapy horse and the abused child help to facilitate a level of security to encourage the abused child to open up, therefore promoting the healing process.

Goals and Objectives


HeavenSent Half-Pints appeared on TV for the Midday edition on WBKO on May 16, 2012.
We were also featured as a Hometown Hero on Howdy 106.5

HeavenSent Half-Pints will bring our little half-pints to schools and libraries to motivate young readers. HeavenSent Half-Pint’s Reading program; Half-Pint Horse Tales, will partner with the Horse Tales Literacy Project, which is a curriculum based literacy program focused on promoting literacy through the winning combination of live horses and books by Walter Farley.

Half-Pint Horse Tales is designed to inspire and motivate children to read on their own with their very own books. We do this by encouraging children, who would normally be nervous reading in front of their classmates, to read to a horse making reading fun and exciting as well as less intimidating. Because horses are completely nonjudgmental, children develop confidence in themselves and that helps to promote a love for reading.

It is widely accepted that therapy animals can help individuals who have suffered physical or emotional trauma. HeavenSent Half-Pints encourages child welfare professionals to incorporate our little healers of the heart into sessions with children who have been abused or neglected. When children have suffered trauma it is often difficult for them to speak of their experiences. Incorporating our tiny therapy horses into the process can help a child open up and the healing process can begin sooner.

Our little half-pints will also visit Veteran’s homes, Nursing homes, Hospice, Children’s hospitals, Children’s homes, Churches and other community events. Horses have a natural ability to bring happiness, encouragement and hope to people.

Any person or place that needs a smile put on their face, we will visit.

HeavenSent Half-Pints Inc.
Address: 7240 N. Jackson Hwy Magnolia, Kentucky
Phone: 502.727.3054
Email: info@heavensenthalf-pints.org
Twitter: @LynannCenters

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