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OutlawHowdy folks, my name is Outlaw, but don’t let the name fool you.  I am a very sweet, loving little guy.   My Mom’s name is Lynann, which is kind of hard to say, and my Dad’s name is Tim.  I used to live in Frankfort, Ky.   My old owners donated me to HeavenSent Half-Pints.  My Mom is so happy and thankful for me & I am pretty spoiled by her.    I love it here and I have so many friends to run and play with.   I am very brave, nothing scares me and Mom says that’s one of the reasons why I make such a great therapy horse.  Mom tells me I am very smart when she’s training me.   You might also recognize me as the little horse in our logo along with Mom and Dad’s little buckaroo grandson, Caden.   I just love it when Caden gives me hugs and kisses.   I love going on visits and seeing all of the smiles on the faces as they pet and love on me. I am so excited about all of the children and adults I will get to visit in the future too, I know I will make them happy and put great big smiles on their faces, and get even more hugs and kisses. We are teamed up with the “Horse Tales Literacy Project” and I play the character of “Little Black” from Walter Farley’s book “Little Black A Pony” and “Little Black Goes To The Circus”. Maggie plays the character of “Big Red”.  I Love going to the schools and watching all of the children get their “Little Black A Pony” book.  I also love it when they come for a field trip out to our farm.  They get to meet “Big Red” and they read to all of us.

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EeyoreHello, my name is Eeyore.  I am the most laid back and slowest of our herd.  I just take my time, wandering around & getting in no hurry for anything.  I came from a farm that had lots of cows on it and I was there to protect all of the baby calves from coyotes.  I don’t like coyotes.  But then one day, all of the cows were sold and I was in this huge field all by myself, so I broke out and went into my new Mom’s field with her horses.  But, she put me back in my field, and I stood there for days, just watching the other horses.  I was sooooo lonesome.   So my Mom finally called my old owner and asked if she could have me and he said she could.  I was so very happy to be with all the horses, well as happy as a mini donkey can be.  We don’t get too excited about much.  I love to be petted and brushed.   I will stand all day long for anybody who wants to brush me.  I love it when my Mom gives me treats.  I Love to go visit people.  I can’t wait for them to rub and pet on me and I know that makes them happy too.  I think I am Mom’s favorite and I Love her so much; oh bother.

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HopeHi, my name is Hope.  I am a female Golden Retriever.  I am Red Cross Therapy Certified and have my Canine Good Citizen Award.  I am the only dog on the therapy team, but I have a very important job.  My name says it all…I give Hope to everyone I visit.  In the winter it’s too cold here in Kentucky to give the horses a bath and keep them clean, so Mom says I get to take over on all the visiting in the wintertime.  I get so excited when Mom puts my therapy vest on because I know I am getting ready to give and get lots of love.  I LOVE visiting all of the precious folks in the nursing homes.  I remember one time when I even made a gentleman cry, not because he was sad, but because he was happy.  See, he thought I was his old dog “Lucky” and that I had come back to him. Mom and the other ladies who worked there starting crying too.  I just laid my head in the gentleman’s lap and let him think I was “Lucky”.  I also love visiting with all of the children, I just get so happy when they are all around me laughing and hugging me.  My Mom and Dad say that I am an angel sent straight from Heaven.  They both love me so much. I used to live in Tennessee.  My old family in Tennessee raised Golden Retrievers.  However, they said that I was such a special dog that they wanted to place me in a therapy program and that is when my new Mom and Dad found me.  Mom and Dad are so thankful to my old family for donating me to them.   My Mammaw goes on visits to the nursing homes with us, she is 82 years old.  She hands out magazines to the residents so they will have something to read.  She really loves going with Mom and I.  

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Big Red

MaggieHello, my name is Big Red.  I am the big sister around here.   Mom says that I am a very sweet girl.  I play the character of “Big Red” from the book “Little Black A Pony”, and my little brother Outlaw plays the character of “Little Black”.  Mom and Dad adopted me from a family who had to find another home for me and where I was in a pasture all by myself.  Now, I have big and little (half-pint) friends to play with, which makes me so happy.  Watch for me in the future as I play “Big Red”, and inspire children to me.  

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LaceyHi, my name is Lacey. Mom calls me Little Lacey because I am the teeny tiniest of the Half-Pint gang. I love to run and jump and kick up my heels. I just arrived here in the fall of 2013, so I haven’t been able to go on any visits yet; Mom says she needs to train me some more first. I love it when Mom trains me; it makes me feel so brave. My favorite toy is a great big red ball that is bigger than I am. I can’t wait until Mom goes shopping and buys me some pink tennis shoes from the Build a Bear store. She puts those little shoes on all of us Half-Pints so we don’t slide on slippery floors when we go inside buildings to visit, which I can’t wait to do. You will be hearing more about me soon.

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